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Kristina Caspari is a sixteen-year veteran of the Arts & Entertainment industry and has worked both behind the scenes and as a performer. A graduate of the prestigious, University of the Pacific’s, Conservatory of Music and Eberhardt School of Business, she strives to blend her inclination for the arts with solid business regimen… so far she’s managed to keep a foot in both worlds. Kristina cut her chops studying improv and working as a house manager for Playhouse West (under the direction of Lois Grandi), but has spent the last eight years in Operations Management. Her business background, sales, accounting, and management skills have landed her exciting gigs such as Producer’s Assistant for the indie film Full Grown Men, where she was able to work with Emmy Award winning Producer, Xandra Castleton. Constantly looking for creative outlets Kristina finds enjoyment in shaping unique problem-solving strategies for business development and operations.

A passionate individual with many facets, Kristina lives by the motto, “ Be Eclectic!” Exploring her entrepreneurial talents with a career shift, she is currently developing a platform (to support her writing goals) based on her enthusiastic motto, which encourages others to embrace their rich, diverse, and multi-faceted selves. By creating content that celebrates the many hats we all wear she hopes to foster community engagement between individuals who are overwhelmed and need help balancing the aspects of their daily lives with personal pursuits. As an emancipated foster youth and family caregiver advocacy for others is in Kristina’s blood. Admired by colleagues for her dedication, resourcefulness, and authentic demeanor, you can always find individuals flocking to her side for advice and moral support. She hopes to emulate and grow these qualities through her new website and social media presence.

Be Eclectic!
A diamond with only one facet will never sparkle!

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10 Fun Facts About Kristina…

1. Was once taken to the ER because she couldn't stop laughing.
2. Studied dance (modern, jazz, ballet, etc.) for over 18 years.
3. Has been in two commercials.
4. Was a broadcast engineer for the City of Emeryville, CA. (She learned a lot about city planning!)
5. Grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and North Lake Tahoe, yep that means big city and small town mountain girl.
6. Has been writing since elementary school when she won the Young Author's Conference in 5th grade.
7. Despite being a neat freak and extremely organized, she kinda sucks at mundane tasks like laundry and grocery shopping. (You're supposed to shop when you're hungry, right?)
8. Attended the same colleges as Dave Brubeck. (Mills and UOP)
9. Drove 3+ hours every day to college for nearly two years while suffering with an undiagnosed kidney stone. Ouch!!!
10. In high school one of her paintings won $500 and took second place in the city's art show.
Bonus: Loves classic movies and was a member of the Silent Film Society. Total sci-fi geek and Trekkie.
Bonus: Collects TV Guides (She owns a sealed box set of the 25th Star Trek Anniversary, 25 covers... and many more.)