The Fly and The Pyramid

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The Fly and the Pyramid is an uplifting fictional folktale akin to works published by Dr. Wayne Dyer and Esther & Jerry Hicks which teach children and adults to follow their inner guidance and trust in the abundance of the universe. It is intended to be a full color illustrated book with a story length similar to tales such as Rumplestiltskin or Cinderella.

While following the sometimes funny but educational journey of a curious archaeologist we learn of a small village’s myth where, “It was told that whoever touched the very tip of the great pyramid would behold the greatest treasures of the land and have their every desire granted… this tale was told to many and many a generation, grandchild upon grandchild, villagers and travelers alike… A story such as this is always passed on because it holds within it many truths and lessons worth repeating, some are obvious while others take a lifetime to learn.”

However, “You see, whoever sets out on an attempt to touch the pyramid’s point will find themselves trapped in an endless quest which they can never complete – for the point of the pyramid is closely guarded by a spirit warrior whose special duty – in life and in death
– is to keep every inch of the great pyramid safe. The harder and harder one tries to grasp the point, the further and further out of reach it goes. It is the warrior’s sacred calling to protect the pyramid at all costs and to spare no one who stands in the way. Many have tried to set upon this quest and all have failed, while at the same time bringing upon themselves many hardships.”

Join the archaeologist in his journey to capture the point of the pyramid and see what truths the legend really holds.

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Kristina Caspari : October 1, 2014 1:24 am : The Fly and The Pyramid

Gold Leaf Title Text

When I was younger I always envisioned my book cover having a gold leaf title… there’s just something about the sheen and the embossed rich texture. In prepping my book proposal I’ve  been playing in Photoshop trying to create a texture that mimics that beautiful golden lettering.

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