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As much as I love writing, I’ve been timid when it comes to blogging. Why? I’m not quite sure… although, my husband is not a big fan of posting personal details on the internet, so perhaps he’s made me a bit cautious.

Since I have several passions and could pontificate profusely on many of them, I’ve opted to narrowed down this site to just a few subjects. And each subject to a page. You’ll be able to find blog posts on their related subject’s page. For instance all of my real estate blogs will be on the “REI” page, book & media reviews on the “Reviews” page, etc. General, personal, or¬†uncategorizable posts will be on the “Blog” page.

At least, this is a place to start.

If you’re curious about a topic or would like to know my opinion on a subject, (you can ask me pretty much anything) contact me. I’m always up for a good conversation.