Eat the Rude… pumpkins.

  • The Wendigo from Hannibal.

I’d been waiting patiently for some time to carve a Hannibal pumpkin. Having been fascinated by the silhouette of the Wendigo and its emancipated frame, I thought it the perfect pattern for carving.

This year there was a plethora of large pumpkins, despite the drought. However, this pumpkin was so thick it made carving a real chore. Carving the text was especially difficult.

If you want to project text from your pumpkin it needs to be carved very small, in reverse, and usually near the top.

I just could not thin the flesh in the right area, and so my text is crooked… but still slightly legible.

My only other wish is that the image would flicker, like in the show, and you would hear sounds of the forest. So perhaps next year we’ll add a strobe light and some spooky sounds.

Haven’t seen the Hannibal series yet? Check it out here. It’s a great cast with excellent writing and beautiful cinematography.

Here’s a few shots of the pumpkin prior to carving.

Wendigo Pumpkin

I generally use a red permanent or dry erase marker to sketch out the template. That way if you make a mistake it’s not very noticeable.

Pumpkin Text

I had lots of trouble carving the text in the back of this pumpkin.

Unlit Hannibal Pumpkin

Hannibal Pumpkin prior to being lit. The toothpicks were for added support but then became a design element.

A Haunted Halloween….

A Haunted Halloween….

Halloween is a magical time when the veils between worlds are blurred. When you're not out trick-or-treating or scaring your family and friends try making a cardboard haunted house. It just might add the right amount of spooktacular to your decor.

We used some paper towel rolls, popsicle sticks, an egg carton, paint and a few embellishments to make this table top haunted house.

This was a creation for Family Fun's Top This! contest...

To Blog or Not to Blog?

What do you want to write about?What do you want to blog about?

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As much as I love writing, I’ve been timid when it comes to blogging. Why? I’m not quite sure… although, my husband is not a big fan of posting personal details on the internet, so perhaps he’s made me a bit cautious.

Since I have several passions and could pontificate profusely on many of them, I’ve opted to narrowed down this site to just a few subjects. And each subject to a page. You’ll be able to find blog posts on their related subject’s page. For instance all of my real estate blogs will be on the “REI” page, book & media reviews on the “Reviews” page, etc. General, personal, or uncategorizable posts will be on the “Blog” page.

At least, this is a place to start.

If you’re curious about a topic or would like to know my opinion on a subject, (you can ask me pretty much anything) contact me. I’m always up for a good conversation.

Caspari Homes Team

Kristina Caspari: Your #HonestAgent KCaspari_Headshot_72dpi

I don’t want you to read another boring bio about another run of the mill real estate agent… your time is far too valuable for that!

I’d rather introduce you to who I am and what makes me tick. Only then can you start to decide if we will make great partners in the sale/purchase/investment of your home(s). Building a solid and trustworthy relationship is the foundation of any successful partnership.

Why I’m Different:

I’m a process driven person, I thrive on organization and planning ahead… that being said, you will never meet anyone more capable of handling chaos, surprises, managing scope creep, and hands down working miracles… you name it, I’ve solved it. Keeping projects and businesses on track is what I do, and when hiccups happen as they always do, I cherish being the one to help find the best route towards resolution. Sometimes it takes creative thinking and sometimes it just takes plain hard work. I believe people come first, family especially, and how you do anything is how you do everything. But above all I’m honest, if I don’t know I’ll tell you straight up, if I need support I ask for it, if everything’s go well and on track you’ll know because communication is at the forefront of our relationship.

What I Believe in:

Being a caregiver for my mother for nearly 20 years was a second full time job, and the one that taught me just how important it is to be authentic and treat people with respect, clarity, love and compassion. I’m a real estate agent because I truly believe everyone deserves a knowledgeable and forthcoming advocate to represent their interests in dealing with, what is for most, their largest asset and often a significant life transition. Your success is my success, and quite frankly… I am out to break the mold and really show this industry what dedicated customer service is all about.

* * *

Kristina Caspari is the owner and principle sales agent of the Caspari Homes Team at Keller Williams based in Danville, CA. Kristina is a Bay Area native/resident/parent and is very familiar with local schools, amenities, etc. Leveraging sixteen plus years in sales, operations, accounting and small-business/project management Kristina has launched a steadfast real estate business committed to serving clients in the Bay Area, North Lake Tahoe, and Sacramento. A graduate of theUniversity of the Pacific’s, Eberhardt School of Business and Conservatory of Music, Kristina is passionate about real estate and helping individuals & families, especially those dealing with stressful situations such as probate and divorce. As a family caregiver for nearly 20 years advocacy is an integral component of Kristina’s ethics and service to others is fundamental.

 A veteran of the Arts & Media Industry, Kristina has had the great pleasure of working with individuals from all walks of life, including celebrities and Emmy award winning producers. Each and every person has always received the top-tier, detail oriented, and personal touch they deserve. Surrounding herself with high caliber mentors Kristina is dedicated to mastery and lifelong education which is a prominent aspect of her consultative work style. She is consistently a top-producer, delivering efficient and reliable results. With a diverse and well-rounded skill set in: business administration; design; technology; Kristina brings a wealth of knowledge not common to the industry. Devoted to her family and community, Kristina has a robust relationship with many local businesses and is well respected by her peers. She’s a devoted mother and enjoys volunteering, making crafts, scrap/photobook design, cooking, performing arts, and spending time outdoors.

RSPS (Certified – Resort and Second Propery Specialist), Probate Specialist, Concord Homes Specialist