Kristina Caspari, is a seventeen-year veteran of the Arts & Media industry and has worked both behind the scenes and as a performer.  A graduate of the prestigious, University of the Pacific’s, Conservatory of Music and Eberhardt School of Business, Kristina has strived to blend her inclination for the arts with solid business regimen… so far she’s managed to keep a foot in both worlds. Kristina cut her chops studying improv and working as a house manager for Playhouse West (under the direction of Lois Grandi), but has spent nearly a decade in Operations Management. Her business background, sales, accounting, and management skills have landed her exciting gigs such as Producer’s Assistant for the indie film Full Grown Men, where she was able to work with Emmy Award winning Producer, Xandra Castleton. Constantly looking for creative outlets Kristina finds enjoyment in shaping unique problem-solving strategies for business development and operations. Kristina is the owner and primary Real Estate Sales Advocate for the Caspari Homes Team at Keller Williams, serving the East Bay Area, Sacramento, and North Lake Tahoe areas. For more information please visit www.CaspariHomes.org or www.Facebook.com/CaspariHomes

Who is this girl and WHY am I reading her Bio???

Well, if you’re anything like me, you are simply scanning this page until you find something that grabs you and you have that Ah ha! moment. A brief moment, at best, where you realize, “Hey, that girl and I have something in common!” Maybe we’re both parents, or caregivers, and share in the underlying sleep deprivation that is propelled by our unfathomable love for our families. Or maybe you have also worked in the A/V and Media industry and understand the intensity of live productions or the (let’s be polite and call it EXTREME frustration) of not being able to export your FCP project due to a corrupt file hiding somewhere in the timeline. In any case, if you keep scanning, I’m sure you will eventually come across some small coincidence or passion we both share. That little something which reminds you there’s a real, live, warm blooded being behind the social media facade.

So why this blog???

I’ll be frank, I would love to be a blogger! I love writing, researching, documenting, organizing, labeling,  pretty much anything that has to do with the written arts. Wait, scratch that, it’s really ALL art… and science, and business, and… well, I have lots of interests! And that’s basically the one thing that’s kept me from starting a blog or website. I mean, if you’re going to have a website (and expect it to have any significant impact) it should be focused on a single topic, right? Something you love, know well, and which you can actually offer some insightful guidance (at least to some degree). And it should definitely be the ONE THING you REALLY want to devote even more time to, because let’s face it no matter how much automation, or how many apps you have, you are still going to be the one writing and managing things as you start out.

So you have a topic, but for people to be interested in what you have to say you have to be an expert… right? And, generally speaking, to be an expert you have to spend A LOT of time dedicated to a particular field of interest. But what happens when you spend lots of time learning about lots of things? Which do you love the most? How do you decipher the one you’re best at and which other people might be interested in hearing you talk/write about?

Well… I couldn’t decide. And so I had no blog, no website. Until Now.

Jack of all trades, Master of ???

Society has a funny way of making us feel like less than we are… if we were ALL that we could be, there would be no use for marketing, right? Toss those ads to the wind! But from the get go we are forced to make choices about who we are and who or what we want to become. This usually includes carving a path, singling out what we want to study in school, choosing one college, one major, career field, etc. We can allow these choices to define us and much of what we’re about in life. (She’s a doctor, he’s a lawyer, etc.) And all of that is just fine. But often in letting ourselves be defined by societal concepts we leave out or don’t acknowledge much of who we really are and all that we have accomplished or are capable of. We spend every day shifting our focus through many tasks and topics, and I bet if you take a step back, you’ll find several themes which you purposefully or inadvertently have dedicated yourself to over the course of years.

Just because you don’t have a degree in it, doesn’t mean you’re not a Master.

That was me. I couldn’t chose a theme for my website or blog because, for too long, I scrutinized my life under society’s microscope. It was the battle of what would “others” say I was good at versus what did I “believe” I was good at and was it worth sharing? Well, it turns out “others” have told me I’m good at lots of different things. (Yes, I’m tooting my horn, and You should Too!) I have a degree and years of practice in a particular field; I’m good at that. But… I also have spent nearly twenty years being a caregiver for my mother, my whole life being creative and crafty, and four years as a parent… and I applaud anyone who considers themselves an expert in that area, because, for sure, I will never be! There was just no way I could chose one aspect of myself to share with the world without including the other parts, it would feel… incomplete.

So you can take your, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” cliche and toss that to the wind too, because I’ve found the answer (to Why this Blog?)…

Be Eclectic!!! 

A diamond with only one facet will never sparkle… and you know what that is? Dull… as in boring, tired, lifeless, etc.

I am Eclectic, a person with many facets which make up who I am, what I love, do well, and have to offer.

Just as You also sparkle in your own way!

I was a diamond in the rough, held back for years by fear, opinions, and old beliefs, and I’m learning, as many others are, to dust off the dirt that kept me stuck in the cave and let my light(s) shine.

SO…. I have lots of different interests, but that will no longer keep me from having a blog or website, or anything else!

In fact, this website will be broken up into several themes (a few of my favorites) and you may be inclined to follow one… (or more) topics. I love organizing, so as time allows, I will develop this site to be as clean, simple, and efficient as possible. We’re all busy, and there’s just no getting around that. I’ll do my best to make visiting this site and reading posts pleasurable and valuable. Feedback is ALWAYS welcome!

I in no way claim to be an expert on ANY topic because there will always be someone who knows more and there will always be more to learn about EVERYTHING! But, that doesn’t mean we can’t share our experiences and gleam insight.

I would love for you to join me in exploring all of the many facets that make up Who You Are, as we celebrate the many hats we all wear, interests we have, and things we love.

So, what else???

Working on my initial publishing venture, a modern day folktale, “The Fly and The Pyramid,” I hope to share my love of writing with the world and those individuals who are vested in self-development and enrichment. Passionate about creating a happy and healthy lifestyle, I’ll will read just about anything, but have a particular love for all facets of children’s literature, science, and philosophy, especially metaphysics. After the birth of my daughter, incorporating spiritual/holistic practices into daily life became increasingly important. Realizing the necessity, by children and guardians, for inspirational resources… I could no longer put my desire to write on hold. Favorite authors include most Hay House and children’s writers such as: Dr. Wayne Dyer; Esther& Jerry Hicks (Abraham-Hicks); Nancy Levin; Shel Silverstein; Scott O’Dell; Joseph Conrad; and so many more!

I attribute my strength of character to the many challenges I’ve had to overcome as an emancipated foster-youth. However, hardship didn’t dissipate with adulthood. As a family caregiver, I’ve learned firsthand what many families face when a loved one becomes ill and what transpires when that loved one makes their transition unexpectedly. This has led to my strong interest in being an advocate for mental health awareness and conservatorship rights.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can help others who may be struggling, please visit Bring Change 2 Mind and Family Caregiver Alliance.

I enjoy living in the San Francisco Bay Area with my family.

Eclectically yours,